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RADIAL JDI Passive Direct Box

RADIAL JDI Passive Direct Box

RADIAL JDI Passive Direct Box
Item# R8001010

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Radial JDI Passive Direct Box - R8001010
The Radial JDI is considered by many to be the world's finest direct box. It is a passive DI that employs a Jensen isolation transformer for optimum audio performance offering outstanding linearity at all frequencies, combined with extraordinary level handling without introducing distortion. Being completely passive, the plug & play JDI does not require any powering and has the unique advantage of eliminating 60-cycle ground loops. This makes the JDI a definite favorite with informed audio engineers.
  • Jensen Transformer equipped passive DI
  • 100% isolation eliminates ground loops
  • Virtually zero phase & harmonic distortion
  • Exceptional signal handling
  • High common mode noise rejection

The JDI is great for guitars, bass, and keyboards and is particularly adept with high-output, broadband instruments such as active instruments and digital keyboards. The JDI may be rack-mounted using the J-Rak and is also available in a stereo (2-channel) version called the JDI Duplex and the 6-channel rack-mountable JD6.

Manufacturer: RADIAL

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