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ROLAND SP-404SX Portable Power Sampler with EFX

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ROLAND SP-404SX Portable Power Sampler with EFX

ROLAND SP-404SX Portable Power Sampler with EFX
Item# SP-404SX

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Roland  SP-404SX Linear Wave Sampler - SP-404SX
Turbocharging the World’s Most Popular Portable Sampler! Roland’s acclaimed SP-404 performance sampler takes an exciting leap forward with the new SP-404SX. In addition to the fun, fast, hands-on features of the original, the new model offers enhanced sound quality with pure 16-bit linear sampling, improved DSP effects, smooth FX switching, a more versatile pattern sequencer (with a new shuffle feature), and easier data management with SD-card compatibility. It’s a creatively stimulating, powerful tool for DJs, musicians, producers, and live-sound engineers who trigger jingles.


  • Sample anytime, anywhere with the built-in mic and battery power
  • 29 DSP effects, including filter, delay, unique voice effects, subsonic, and looper
  • 3 control knobs, 12 trigger pads, and Sub Pad for rapid repeat triggering
  • Seamless effects switching for smooth, perfect performance
  • Pattern sequencer with quantize mode and new shuffle feels
  • 1GB SD card included; expand sample storage up to 32GB with SDHC
  • Import audio files from computer, assign samples to pads with bundled software (Mac/PC)

Instant Sampling
Sample anywhere, anytime using the SP-404SX’s built-in microphone. And since the SP-404SX can run on AC or battery power (six AA batteries), it’s easy to record wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Just power-up, point, and record. Line and mic inputs are also available for recording direct or with an external microphone. The SP-404SX’s sampling format is uncompressed wave for high-quality audio capture.

Hands-On Performance
The SP-404SX is made to be played — it’s packed with interactive controls for jamming along with loops and patterns. Put your fingers on the three non-slip control knobs, 12 trigger pads, and Sub Pad for rapid repeat triggering in real time. On dark stages or DJ booths, the SP-404SX is a performers dream with its illuminated rubber pads and bright LED screen.

Extreme Effects
Create a signature sound using the SP-404SX’s 29 DSP effects, which switch seamlessly during live performance. Essential onboard effects include spacious reverbs and choruses, plus filters and delays. There are also unique, esoteric effects built in, including a voice transformer and looper. With the DJFX Looper, you can create short loops (such as machine-gun-like “da-da-da-da-da” sounds) and control reverse-playback with the knob. You can also create scratch effects like a turntable. Connect the SP-404SX to a DJ mixer and use it as an effect processor. Seventeen of the effects have a “limiter” mode, which keeps the effects from overloading. This is great for live DJ performance when you don’t want to lose control of the effects in the heat of the moment.

In addition to the endless supply of loops you can pack into the SP-404SX, you can also create your own tracks in real time with the Pattern Sequencer, complete with quantize mode, which includes shuffle feels. Creating patterns is done in real time. You can loop two measures (maximum 99 measures), for example, then play and record only the bass drum and the snare. Next, add the hi-hat over the top, and keep adding more instruments while the SP-404SX loops. You can store 120 patterns (12 patterns x 10 banks). When you play a pattern with the Pattern Sequencer, the LEDs surrounding the display blink according to the tempo, which is handy during live performance.

SD Card Memory
Start sampling right away with the included 1GB SD card. You can easily expand the sampling time using up to 32GB SDHC. Import audio files from your computer using the included software (Mac/PC) and assign them to the SP-404SX’s pads. WAV and AIFF files are accepted. The software is fast and easy to use, as it displays the SP-404SX’s pads onscreen. You can even use it to convert SP-404 format files to the SP-404SX.


Maximum Polyphony
    12 voices    
Recordable Data
    Samples: 120 (12 samples x 10 banks) (stored on SD card)
    Patterns: 120 (12 patterns x 10 banks)(stored on SD card)    
Sampling Time (Total time for all samples)
    The maximum sampling time (size) for a single sample is approximately 180 minutes in stereo (2 GB). The following shows the approximate total sampling time of the samples that can be stored on one SD card.

    Card capacity / Stereo (Mono)
    1GB / Approx. 90 min. (180 min.)
    2GB / Approx. 180 min. (360 min.)
    4GB / Approx. 360 min. (720 min.)
    8GB / Approx. 720 min. (24 hours)
    16GB / Approx. 24 hours (48 hours)
    32GB / Approx.48 hours (96 hours)

    Since the 1 GB SD card included with the SP-404SX contains preload data, the available sampling time will be less than the time above.    
Data Format
    16-bit linear(.wav/aif)    
Sampling Frequency
    44.1 kHz    
Pattern Sequencer
    Maximum recordable notes: Approx. 16,000 notes
    Resolution: 96 ticks per quarter note
    Pattern Length: 1–99 measures
    Recording method: Realtime Loop Recording (with shuffle quantize function)    
    29 types    
    12 + Sub Pad x 1    
    Control Knob x 3    
    7 segments, 3 characters (LED)    
Onboard Mic
    Mono x 1    
    LINE INPUT jacks (L, R)(RCA phono type)
    LINE OUTPUT jacks (L, R)(RCA phono type)
    Headphones (PHONES) jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
    MIC jack (1/4 inch phone type)
    MIDI IN connector
    DC IN jack
    SD card slot    
Power Supply
    DC 9 V (Ni-MH AA SIZE Rechargeable Battery x 6
    Alkaline AA SIZE Dry Battery x 6 or AC Adaptor)
    *Batteries sold separately    
Battery life for continuous use
    Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries: approximately 5 hours
    Alkaline dry batteries: approximately 4 hours
    *These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.    
Current Draw
    450 mA    
    SD card (1GB)
    AC Adaptor PSB-1U
    Owner’s Manual

Manufacturer: ROLAND

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