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SUHR Badger 30 All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head in Black

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SUHR Badger 30 All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head in Black

SUHR Badger 30 All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head in Black

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Suhr Badger 30 Guitar Amplifier Head in Black - SBADGER30HBK
This 30-watt, all-tube amplifier offers a wide range of classic guitar sounds. Driven by a cathode biased EL-34 power section and features a solid state rectifier, the Badger 30 delivers a variety of full, punchy cleans and rich, tight dynamic overdrive tones.

Whether playing a large stage, small club or your home studio, Badger’s Power Scaling feature provides added flexibility. This makes it easy to dial in your ideal tone at any volume - from loud and cranked all the way down to one watt.

Power Scaling emulates the tonal response of a high wattage amp on 10, at manageable volumes. Power controls the voltage that feeds the output section and in turn, the wattage. As you lower the voltage of the power section you are reducing the amount of signal it can handle before clipping the output section. To compensate for this we use the "Drive" control so you can easily scale down to 1 watt without losing tone & feel.     

?Feeds the input to the power section. With Power at 10 it acts as a master volume. As a rule of thumb, when you turn down the Power always set the Drive control within 2 numbers of the Power setting. If you set the drive lower than the power it will sound brighter, like a "master volume" amp.

Controls the amount of preamp gain by controlling 2 cascading gain stages simultaneously to drive the input stage.

Tone Controls
Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls for each channel are post-gain and passive cut-style. We recommend starting around 5 and dialing to taste. As you increase Gain and/or Drive we recommend dialing back the Bass to retain clarity and definition in the low-end.

The Badger 30 tube compliment consists of two EL34 power tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Tube-Buffered Effects Loop
Designed to perform equally well with pedals and line-level rack gear. For best results ensure that the effects unit is set to unity gain.

Speaker Outputs
Includes two speaker outputs in parallel and a 3-way selector switch for 4Ω, 8Ω & 16Ω.

Sample Settings

  • Max Clean Headroom: Power: 10, Drive: 8, Bass: 5, Middle: 5, Treble: 5, Gain: 2?-3
  • On The Edge: Power: 7, Drive: 8, Bass: 4, Middle: 7, Treble: 7, Gain: 3-4
  • Crunch: Power: 6, Drive: 6, Bass: 4, Middle: 5, Treble: 5, Gain: 6-7
  • Saturated Lead: Power: 10, Drive: 4, Bass: 3, Middle: 6, Treble: 6, Gain: 8-10


  • Output: 30 Watts
  • Tubes: 2XEL34, 3x12AX7
  • Panel controls: On/Off, On/Standby, Power, Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
  • Outputs: Dual speaker outs, switch for 4Ω, 8Ω & 16Ω impedance
  • Cabinet: Void free Baltic birch ply
  • Dimensions: Head: 20.5" wide x 9.25" high x 8.25" deep,
  • Weight: Head: 31 lbs,
  • Accessories: Head padded cover.

Manufacturer: SUHR

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