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ANDERSON Classic Electric Guitar Candy Blue W/Case

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ANDERSON Classic Electric Guitar Candy Blue W/Case

ANDERSON Classic Electric Guitar Candy Blue W/Case
Item# FSR-04-17-15P

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Tom Anderson Classic Candy Blue with Case - 04-17-15P
We sell so many Tom Anderson guitars that we're always looking for something a little different. We love trying new cosmetic ideas & concocting finishes that are a little off the beaten path. Candy blue fit the bill to a T. It's a color you don't see every day & it pops nicely without being garish making an already sleek guitar look even more so. The maple fingerboard & pearl white pickguard compliment the color perfectly.

All Tom Anderson's guitars sound great & are phenomenally playable but this one has that little something extra that sets it apart. It's a tremendous sounding instrument with fast attack & great clarity. The bottom end is rich but very articulate. Mids are slightly scooped yet still sound quite open. The top end is shimmery & musical. It's very touch sensitive with a very pretty sound when played lightly but when you lean into it she'll snarl! Neck pickup solo tone is rich but never tubby. Bridge pickup is muscly but never over the top. They both split convincingly & get along nicely with the middle pickup. Overtones are delicious & harmony reigns supreme. The 5-way pickup selector, splitter & add-bridge switch provide 14 different sounds. This guitar will handle any style of music with grace & aplomb. She's lean & mean at 7 pounds 5 ounces so those long sessions & gigs will be a breeze.

If you've never played an Anderson you absolutely OWE it to yourself to do so. The easiest way to describe the first impression is to simply say everything feels RIGHT. The way it sits on your body, the way it hangs on a strap, the way the neck feels in your hand, the effortlessness of play, the way the notes grab... everything. Fit, finish & set up are always perfect. The staggered locking tuners, sturdy dual pivot point bridge & perfectly cut nut make sure the guitar returns perfectly to pitch even with heavy trem use. The Anderson wedge neck pocket insures that the neck fits as tightly as possible for maximum resonance & transference of string energy. The contoured neck heel gives easy access to the upper register while the Buzz Feiten tuning system insures that even the tightest chord clusters play in tune all the way up the neck. Set up is perfect & the big stainless steel frets are impeccably crowned. It is pure happiness to play.


  •           Body Finish - Candy Blue
  •           Body Wood - Alder
  •           Neck Wood - Maple
  •           Neck Finish - Satin Finish
  •           Nut width - 1 11/16 in
  •           Frets - Heavy
  •           Back Shape - Even Taper + .030
  •           Hardware - Chrome
  •           Bridge - Vintage Tremolo with locking tuners
  •           Pickguard - Pearl White
  •           Pickups - H1 SC1 H2+
  •           Switching - 5 Way, Pull Adds Bridge with Splitter
  •           Strings- 10-46
  •           BFTS

Manufacturer: ANDERSON

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