Gelb Music Extras

There are some amazing things on the Internet that can really benefit us musicians and we've run across some great apps, information, etc.. We started compiling a list of these "Extras" for you. If you see something that you would fit well with this page then shoot an email over to us.

Online Tuner - Can't find your tuner or maybe one of the crew in your band "borrowed it". Click the link or image to launch the online tuner.

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Virtual TR 909 Online Drum Machine - FL909 attempts to simulate the original sound of the Roland TR-909. This drum computer hits the market 1984 and was a long time the state of art in house and techno productions.

Click here to launch

Virtual DJ Mixer - Here is yet another very cool, FREE apps from one of the best web development companies out there Have fun with the virtual DJ mixer, created for Bacardi and check out the 2advanced site / portfolio - amazing work.

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Virtual Studio - Just Amazing - This app was done by the same person who built the virtual TR 909 - simply amazing. Virtual Studio might not be the best title, but check it out, create beats, bass lines, drag drop pedal effects, record your session....

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Realistic Online Metronome - This site actually supports 3 different metronomes, but the simple version works the best in our opinion. Tempo: 40-208 bpm, Multiple tempo selection: tempo buttons (10 bpm step), weight, arrows (1 bpm step), input box, Continuous volume change, Natural behavior

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Gelb Music Sheet Music - Download single or double line sheet music for free - Enjoy.

Single Sheet OR Double Sheet (for Piano)

Patreon - The public is demanding to pay creators. As the cost of consuming digital media drops to zero, the masses are beginning to visualize the peril on the road ahead for creatives, and now they’re doing something about it. Some people call the phenomenon "crowdfunding," some people refer to it simply as "supporting artists," but its roots grow in a familiar soil, an age-old human desire to contribute to the creation of art. We call it patronage.

Patreon Website

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