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Welcome to the Gelb Music Mediacast page. Just sit back and listen / watch some of the latest news, product demo's, and insights from the Gelb Music staff, manufacture reps, and special guests.



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Episode #44 - Tama's Terry Bissette joins Mike Craig and special guest John Anning from AIMM (Aliance of Music Merchants) for this great podcast. Learn about the Hoshino company's drive for quality, new products coming soon, and Terry's insight to the company. Want to check out the new Silverstar kit (use the link): Stage Tama Silverstar Drum Set.

Episode #43 - Yamaha's Jim Haler is back at Gelb for this short "What's Hot in Drums" podcast. Don, Mike, Al all join in while hanging out in the drum shop. A few kits talked about you'll want to check out (use the links): Club Custom Series and the Stage Custom Birch Bebop Drum Set.

Episode #42 - VP of Zildjian John Roderick makes his way to Gelb for this great podcast on the new GEN 16 line. Zildjian made a huge buzz at Winter NAMM 2011 and for good reason. Learn from the one who is making it all happen - get the who, what, why, where, how, ...and WHEN can we get 'em! Zildjian factory rep Eddie Kramer along with Don and Mike sit in on this informative session. The official website for GEN 16 will launch later this month (We'll update the link soon). Click here to go to the Zildjian's website.

Episode #41 - Steve Jacob of Mapex is back at Gelb joined by Don Frank and Mike Craig to discuss the new kits from Mapex. Click here to go to the Mapex website.

Episode #40 - Tycoon Percussion at Gelb. The owners of Tycoon Percussion made their way into Gelb today joined by one of our favorite reps Robin Eig. We talk about the company, products, and the future. Click Here to go to Tycoon Percussion's website!

Episode #39 - Yamaha Drums - Yes we know you can't get enough of them, it's OK. Just to give you a little something more we brought in the big guy, the one and only Jim "Drum black belt guru" Haler. Jim is the EXPERT when it comes the drums, and in this installment Jim and Don (and Mike) talk about hardware, the new GigMaker and why Yamaha has been so sucessfull. Click Here to go to Yamaha's website!

Episode #38 - Just in from NAMM 2011 Don Frank and Mike Craig hang out with Jeremy Page from Meinl to go over the latest and greatest. Want to see some great gear - check out Meinl's website...see something you like just contact us and we'll get it ordered for you - yes, it's that easy. Click Here to go to Meinl's website!

Episode #37 - Yamaha's Tony Windle - factory representative joins Don Frank and Mike Craig as they go over the new line of drums from Yamaha headed to Gelb. Click Here to go to Yamaha's website!

Episode #36 - Line 6 - Ya, the new Line 6 HD and the DT 50. So new stuff from Line 6 but more than just your average new product release. This year Line 6 released the HD line which has been in the making for 4 - 5 years. Also, the DT-50 that shocked all of us how good it came out. Combine the new floor board and amp (and yes they both "talk to each other" and you have one killer rig. Check out more via Line 6's website - just Click Here!

Episode #35 - Pearl in the house! Jason O'Keefe of Pearl Drums and Mike talk about the big news from Pearl, the New E Prolive Electric Drum Kit and Pearls new LIFE TIME WARRANTY. For more info on Pearl's warranty visit and be sure to check out the new E Prolive site just Click Here!

Episode #34 - New at Gelb Music - ESP Guitars and Basses. Mike meets up with James Fox ESP's West Coast Representitive to talk about the line at Gelb, history, and all that good stuff. Be sure to check out ESP's website and custom shop. For more info - Click Here!

Episode #33 - New Products From Evans, HQ, PureSound (D'Addario). Mike is joined by Phil Carnivale to talk about some of the new products now at Gelb. For more info - Click Here!

Episode #32 - New Products From Zildjian. Gelb's Mike Craig sits down with Eddie Krammer and Steve Tirpak from Zildjian to talk about some the latest products. Check out the links below with pictures and sound bytes!.
K Constantinople "Bounce Ride" - Click Here!
K Constantinople Thin Ride Overhammered - Click Here!
K Zildjian EFX - Click Here!
K Light Flat Ride - Click Here!
ZXT Trashformer - Click Here!

Episode #31 -Moon Gel! So how do you get that ring out of your snare or just control some of those over tones... MOON GEL! Riley and Mike talk about this simple yet very effective product.

Episode #30 -Tama! We were honored to have Koji Kamada and Hisato "Charlie" Hayashi from Tama (Hoshino) visit us here at Gelb Music fresh off a 9 hour flight from Japan. Tama's Paul Holgate also joins us with Don Frank and Mike. In this podcast we cover the Iron Cobra and Warlord Snare/Set, both excellent products from Tama. For more info visit Tama's website: Click Here!

Episode #29 -Laura Clapp / TC Electronic & TC Helicon Interview - One of our favorite product specialist Laura Clapp wraps with Mike about the products, the company, and how she got involved. We also included a few live examples. Want to know more visit us at Gelb Music or check out the TC Helicon website - Click Here! For TC Electronics - Click Here! For Laura's artist site - Click Here!

Episode #28 -KickPort - Scott Cameron is back on the mic with Don Frank and Mike Craig as we talk about the latest-greatest product "The KickPort". Be sure to check out additional photo's and information right here on the Gelb Music website - Click Here!

Episode #27 -Revolution Drum - Mike is joined with Don Frank and Jonathan Colwell to discuss some of the latest products by Revolution Drum. The Firefly drum, simple yet brilliant and the Stick Silo. Be sure to check out the FireFly Video. For more info visit or Click Here!

Episode #26 -Gelb Music Teaching Institute Interviewwith Mike Curotto - A quick discussion about the GMTI, how it came about and some additional information why Gelb Music continues to be the #1 independant store in Northen California. Find out more about lessons at Gelb Music. Click Here!

Episode #25 -Greg Koch Interview - We had the great pleasure of having Greg come to Gelb Music in conjuction with Fender to put on one of the best guitar clinics we've ever had....SERIOUSLY! For those who don't know Greg now is your time to find out. Be sure to check out Greg's site for CD's, Tour Dates, You Tube clips that will leave your jaw on the floor. Visit Gre'g site! Click Here!

Episode #24 -Fender - Justin Norvell Director of Marketing for Fender Electric Guitars sits down with Mike and provides a fantastic insight on the history of Fender and the new Roadworn line. For more info about Fender visit their website! Click Here!

Episode #23 -Sabian - Chris DeLisa of Sabian joins Al "The Drum Dr" Schneider and Mike to go over the latest products and history of Sabian. Be sure to check out the You Tube Video Chris talks about in this cast - to view: Click Here. For more info about Sabian visit their website! Click Here!

Episode #22 -Tama Time - Paul Holgate from Tama joins Don and Mike as they hang out and talk about some great products from Tama. For more info about Tama products visit their website! Click Here!

Episode #21 -Akai XR20 -Tommy grab Mike and said we had to do a quick podcast on the XR20. Very cool! More info? - check it out here! Click Here!

Episode #20 -Orange Amplifiers - Damon and Luke from Orange Amplifiers talk about the company's latest achievements, new releases, and awards with Mike. Visit Orange's Click Here!

Episode #19 -Zildjian - Join us as we talk about Zildjian, the history, latest news, etc...- Eddie Kramer of Zildjian, our very own Don Frank and Mike. Visit Zildjian's website Click Here!

Episode #18 -Ludwig - The 100 year Anniversary - Eddie Kramer sits down and gives us the low-down on what's happening, new releases, and some insights joined by Don Frank from our drum department and Mike. Visit Ludwig's website Click Here!

Episode #17 -GHS - The story of strings, the company and more - Larry Hulsey of GHS and Mike talk strings. Visit GHS's website Click Here!

Episode #16 -Roland SPD-S "Sampling Pad" - John Hernandez of Roland and Mike go over the Sampling Pad and why this product is so great, yet many still don't know how great. Visit Roland's site and learn more about the SPD-S Click Here!

Episode #15 -Roland (Boss) RE 20 Space Echo - John Hernandez of Roland and Mike talk about the re-birth of the Space Echo. Visit Roland's site and learn more about the RE 20 Click Here!

Episode #14 -Roland FP-7 Digital Piano - John Hernandez of Roland, David Vogel and Mike talk about this high-end digital piano. Visit Roland's site and learn more about the FP-7 Click Here!

Episode #13 -Roland TD 4 S - John Hernandez of Roland and Mike talk Electronic Drums. Visit Roland's site and learn more about the TD 4 S Click Here!

Episode #12 - ZOOM GEAR! - Tommy and Mike go over some of Zoom's H4, SB-246, and RT-223 Drum Machines. For info about the H4 Recorder - Click Here! To learn more about the SB-246 and RT-223 - Click Here!

Episode #11 - VOX's Time Machine. Join us as Jordan and Mike test drive the Time Machine by VOX. More info at - Click Here!

Episode #10 - Keeley DS-1 Mod. The Distortion Box on Steroids. Jordan and Mike cover this modified stomp-box that has found it's way into the pedal board of many guitar legends. Check out the video and more - Click Here!

Episode #9 - VOX's Latest "Saturator" pedal. Jordan and Mike cover this Joe Satriani signature stomp-box. Check out the video and more - Click Here!

Episode #8 - MXR GT-OD. Jordan and Mike run through the MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive pedal. More info about this pedal - Click Here!

Episode #7 - Roland (Boss) Micro BR "Recorder, 4 Track (32 Virtual Tracks), Jam Tracks all in the size of your hand. Tommy and Mike talk about this latest product from Roland. Want more info about this problem, Click Here!

Episode #6 - M-Audio Micro Track II. - Tommy and Mike talk about this field recorder used by many in the industry including the TV Show "Lost". M-Audio's official website (Learn more about the M-Audio Micro Track II - Click Here!

Episode #5 - Protect Your Ears! Join Mike and Don as they provide some insights to the latest Gelb Music gear. Also listen in with as Adam steps in and gives us a update on the latest Guitar that has just arrived

Episode #4 - Get the scoop on "Traps" acoustic drums. Traps Official Website - Click Here!

Episode #3 - Check out the Hammerax Official Website - Click Here!

Episode #2 - Drum Work Shop post NAMM 2009 with Scott Cameron Be sure to check out the latest gear from DW - Go to DW's Website!

Episode #1 - Steve Jacobs, Regional Sales Manager from Mapex talks about the latest from NAMM 2009


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