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Welcome to Gelb Music's News and Events Page. Here you will find all the things happening at Gelb Music from clinics to new product releases.
Pre-Holiday Savings Kicks off Nov 21st! 

Great deals still on thousands of products

Holiday Specials

Save now and get ready for the holidays!

Join us here at Gelb Music starting November 21st for our pre-holiday season!  The holidays seem to just come way to fast and next thing you know you're looking for gifts, trying to make all the events, and keep yourself from getting sick. We get it so we're kicking off our holiday savings early this year.  Need a drum set, guitar or just something special - GELB MUSIC IS YOUR ANSWER! 

We have everything a musician would want (or need) at great prices and with our dedicated staff we can get you the products that will make an impact!

Two stores, Two ways to save: Gelb Music in Redwood City (650) 365-8878 or Haight Ashbury Music Center in San Francisco (415) 863-7327
Gelb Music New 2.0 Website this Fall 2018!

Better Search, Mobile Friendly and Much More!

...Ordering Issues? Please Read Below

We have our team working on the new Gelb Music website which will launch this Fall 2018. Key new features will be a better search engine, mobile friendly, new ways to sort products and a ton of new gear online.


We have experience a few issues with our current website when ordering. If you find you are having difficulties please contact us by phone (650) 365-8878 and we would be more than happy to help you complete your order. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

Gelb Music and Haight Ashbury Music Center 

Sidney Gelb founded Gelb Music in 1939. It was Walt Disney, an aspiring cartoonist who made his way to California and talked to his Chicago buddy (Sidney) to come out and join him. Well Sidney didn't care for L.A. but decided to head to the bay area and fell in love with it. His pal Walt did pretty good :)  - and for Sidney WE ARE ALL VERY THANKFUL! Sidney did great, and started one of the most iconic music stores in the USA.

In 1972 Gelb was sold to one of Sidney's guitar instructors, Kevin Jarvis. Kevin changed gears, had a vision and went for it. Accordions out, electric guitars in! He hired some of the best musicians/ technicians in the area, grew the teaching staff, started rentals & consignment, and more.  In early 2000 he started to move to online sales.  Over the years Gelb grew to a destination spot for musicians, great products, great prices, great staff.  

In early 2015 Gelb was sold to a good friend of Gelb and another great independent music store, Haight Ashbury Music Center. HAMC like Gelb Music is one of the best music stores in the country known for it's great reputation and famous location.  

The future looks really really good!  What this means is an even bigger selection of musical products and services. As we work to combine inventory you can expect new brands and new instruments. We want to aim at better delivery of products and service while retaining the great Gelb Music vibe. And just to be clear - Gelb Music is staying Gelb Music, HAMC is staying HAMC. We want to thank you all for your continued support, 2015 is going to be a great year!

Established in 1939, Gelb Music continues to be the longest running independent music store in the bay area.

Please contact us here at Gelb Music with any questions. (650) 365-8878

It's BACK! - 2018 Sticks and Skins Giveaway!

Score some FREE sticks (ProMark) and Heads (Evans) thanks to our friends at D'Addario!

How to enter:
Go to Gelb's Facebook Page, Find the weekly post and "LIKE IT"  to be entered. New Winner Each Week!!!... so be sure to check back to see if you won! Each Weekly Winner will take home 1 Pair of Promark Hot Rods. 1 Evans Bass Drum Head and 1 Snare Drum head, players choice! 

Please note we cannot ship your prize, only in-store pick up. Out of area winners or unclaimed prizes (no contact after 2 weeks) will have their prizes issued to another participant.

For more information please contact us here at Gelb Music (650) 365-8878
Vintage Drum Roadshow with Mike Curotto
September 18th (4pm)

Join us here at Gelb Music in September for another Vintage Drum Roadshow with Mike Curotto..YES #3. Featuring a selection of rare vintage drums from the Curotto collection, free vintage drum appraisal, repairs & restoration, and more. It's a great time to come meet Mike, talk drums, learn and have fun.

Mike Curotto has been featured in Drum Magazine, Modern Drummer, NSMD (Not So Modern Drumer), Traps Magazine and is the author of “Vintage Snare Drums - The Curotto Collection (1900’s - 1940’s). 

Check out the videos from past events, go to the Gelb YouTube channel

For more information please contact us here at Gelb Music (650) 365-8878
Free Drum Lessons Every Thursday at 6pm
Only at Gelb Music!

Time to have some fun and learn about drums!

Join us here at Gelb Music on Thursdays at 6pm and get a free introduction to drums lesson. These lessons are taught by our dedicated teaching staff and yes, they are FREE.

What do you teach at the lessons?
The lessons go over basic principles of drumming and an overview of what happens at lessons.  The lessons also cover equipment and other elements of drumming.

What if I can't make on Thursday, do you have another time?
If you can't make it on Thursday then please contact our drum department and we'll see if we can get you a time that works with one of our teachers.

Fore more information please contact us here at Gelb Music (650) 365-8878
Gelb Music and Synchrony Financial 

6 Months no interest (if paid in full with min. monthly payments).

Need some cash to get some great gear? Gelb Music and Synchrony Financial makes it easy. Must be in person at the store to apply. Please bring photo I.D. (Drivers Lic., Passport) and a credit card. Our team will run your credit to see what you qualify for (takes about 5-10 minutes). 

Note: The key to avoid charges is to make sure you get your monthly payment in and be sure to pay it off within 6 months.

Fore more information please contact us here at Gelb Music (650) 365-8878
Gelb Music Featured - PBS Special.
Gelb Music featured in PBS / Free To Choose Network "The Read Adam Smith" video series. Gelb Music was selected to represent eBay as one of their top sellers. The 2 part, 2 hour series will run in May 2016 below is just the segment on Gelb Music / eBay - Enjoy.

Gelb Music - Band Instruments!.

As we're heading to the end of 2015 we are excited to expand our products with the addition of "Band Instruments".  Violins, Horns, Flutes, and more plus a large supply of accessories.  This new field of instruments will continue to expand over the next year so be sure to stop by Gelb Music and check out all the great inventory and deals.

Looking for a particular instrument?

It's easy, just give us a call - we're here to help!

For more information please contact us here at Gelb Music with any questions. (650) 365-8878

Gelb Music Featured in SF Chronicle

Thomas Lee of the SF Chronicle visited Gelb Music this past August 2015 and sat down with marketing expert Mike Craig of Gelb Music. On the plate, how is a small independent music store not only surviving the ever changing market but thriving in it?

In the days of the Internet you can see many small businesses closing but is that due to the Internet or perhaps the business not adapting to customer demands and technology? At Gelb we realize that things are in a constant state of change and you need to adapt. You need to listen and reach to your customers, and you need to do the right things.  The story talks about Gelb Music's history and new ways of reaching out to customers.

Enjoy the story, and for more information please contact us here at Gelb Music with any questions. (650) 365-8878
Gelb Music's Drum Shop under re-model. 

For the last month we have been working hard to re-vamp the drum shop here at Gelb Music. Store manager Don Frank has been taking all your comments and is on a mission to take the shop to the next level. 

New layout, more products on display and more!

Stop by and say hello to Don and Al in the drum department and check it out!

Riley took a couple of quick pictures using his iPhone stitch feature....Click the image for a larger format.

Contact us for more info (650) 365-8878

CNBC - Features Gelb Music!

Gelb goes global! Gelb Music may be well known in the SF Bay Area / West Coast but that's changing.  The internet is connecting the world we live in, and for Gelb that means connecting with musicians around the world. Gelb Music with eBay provides a powerful tool in delivering goods around the world.  Check out the store / video here at CNBC:

We want to thank Kate Rogers at CNBC (and her team) for the story, eBay (and the PR department - Karen), and all of you for your continued support!

Established in 1939, Gelb Music continues to be the longest running independent music store in the bay area.

Please contact us here at Gelb Music with any questions. (650) 365-8878

Gelb Music "An eBay Story"

Gelb has been working with eBay for 8 years now and it's been nothing but positive.  As we grow here at Gelb and position the store to provide the best possible service we also looked for new ways to improve Gelb's reach, branding, and sales.  We choose eBay because they were the logical choice. Fair pricing, great support, and for customers you get to see who is behind fullfilling you order. We're no ordinatry music store, we're one of the best in the country and we're aiming for the Globe. 

Established in 1939, Gelb Music continues to be the longest running independent music store in the bay area.

Please contact us here at Gelb Music with any questions. (650) 365-8878
Gelb's Tony Baker featured on the History Channel! 

"Tony gets George Harrison's "Lucy" Guitar Back to George"

Eric Clapton, George Harrison, The Famous Lucy Guitar...and how is our Tony Baker involved...  What's going on?

When we heard the story from Gelb's long time guitar instructor Tony Baker "all of us" were amazed.  It was not a shock to hear that the History Channel decided to run a story on it - "Brad Meltzer’s Lost History - George Harrison's stolen guitar named "Lucy"

We'll let you check out the video and if you have a Amazon account, comcast, or several others you can sign in and watch the complete episode (about 15-20 minutes).

Summary - In short, Lucy is passed around a handful of famous musicians until Eric Clapton gets hold of it. Right about then Harrison's wife leaves him for Eric...whoa! Eric gives Harrison Lucy as a peace offering??? It works and they go into the studio and record "My Guitar Gently Weeps" one of the most famous guitar solos ever.  A few years later Harrison's house is broken into, Lucy stolen!  The guitar ends up in a pawn show and sold to visiting friend of Tony Baker from Mexico. Tony leaves his info on the receipt as his friends returns to Mexico unaware he just bought Lucy!  Harrison and crew track down guitar via the Pawn shop, contact Tony and it gets even more interesting. I don't want to give it all away but lets just say Tony has a wild week and in the end Harrison get Lucy back in his hands. It's a great story, well worth your time. 

Good Job Tony!

Click here to view the clip on the History Channel: Go to History Channel! 

Click here to view the clip at iTunes: Go to iTunes (Purchase required to view) 


Gelb Music and Drum Channel - Buy / Download Drum Videos.

March 26, 2014 - Gelb Music is happy to announce our affiliate program with Drum Channel. Now you can watch and purchase drum videos (education, interviews, and more) right from your phone / computer.   Live lessons, free weekly lessons, live shows, and more.    

The goal of Gelb Music and Drum Channel is to have the best drummers in the world inspire and motivate you with live drum lessons, on demand drum lessons and shows. Whether you are self taught or taking drum lessons, we are here to help. Drum Channel was created by DW Founder Don Lombardi.

Check out the site here - Go To The Gelb Music Drum Channel Page



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