Mini Phaser Effect Pedal

Mini Phaser Effect Pedal

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PHMINI Mini Phaser Effect Pedal


Ibanez is proud to announce a new addition to the MINI pedal lineup. The Phaser MINI is made in Japan and features three controls; DEPTH, FEEDBACK and SPEED. Through these controls, the Phaser MINI offers a variety of sounds ranging from subtle texture to deep saturation. Moreover, it is designed to retain a clarity of dry signal even when set to the highest effect intensity. It also features switchable STAGE mode, 4 or 6. 4-STAGE mode delivers traditional Phaser tones, typically used in classic rock. 6-STAGE mode provides more intense and dramatic effect. The PHMINI also features 100% pure analog circuitry and a true bypass switch. The PHMINI delivers a multitude of analog Phaser features, while occupying minimal space on your pedalboard! 


•  Speed, Depth and Feedback controls

•  Stage switch: 4-Stage / 6-Stage

•  True Bypass

•  Required Current: 5mA@9V

•  Power Supply: External DC 9 volt AC adapter(Center-negative)

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