PPM Pedal Power Mondo

PPM Pedal Power Mondo

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PPM Pedal Power Mondo

Large-scale isolated power for high-current digital and 9V battery effects.


Great tone begins with clean, isolated power and nothing delivers it better than Voodoo Lab® Pedal Power®. Individually hand-built in the U.S.A., Voodoo Lab is the most trusted brand for reliable, noise-free guitar effect power. The number onechoice of artists, guitar techs, and rig builders worldwide, Pedal Power delivers pure audiophile-quality power that unveils the sonic potential of your rig.


Pedal Power® MONDO is a high current-capable power supply designed to power the largest and most diverse pedalboards.

From digital power-hungry effects from Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, TC Electronic and more—plus compatibility with all standard 9-volt battery stompboxes--MONDO is perfect for large to gigantic pedalboards. With 12 completely isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections, MONDO will keep your pedals dead quiet and sounding their best.

Pedal Power MONDO is also equipped with an internal thermometer that controls a silent fan keeping the unit cool even under the most adverse heat conditions of outdoor festival stages. Even with poor AC line conditions, it delivers clean, consistent power. Handmade in the USA using the finest components, Pedal Power MONDO was designed to meet and exceed the needs of our most demanding professional users.



Ground loops cause hum and the solution is to break the unwanted ground path. Isolation is the best way to do it. Unlike many power supplies, Pedal Power isolates every output. This eliminates tone-robbing interaction between other effects.

Pedal Power powers everything from vintage overdrives to modern digital marvels in a way other power supplies simply can't.

Proprietary Balanced Transformer

Typical transformers, like those used in a wall wart, create large magnetic fields that cause hum in any audio path near it.

Pedal Power uses a custom designed, ultra-low noise toroidal transformer with separate balanced windings for every output allowing even the most sensitive pedals to be dead quiet.

Linear Power

What's good for charging a cell phone is NOT good for your pedals. While digital switching power supplies are small and inexpensive, they also generate noise. Pedal Power uses an audiophile quality linear supply for consistently stable, clean, pure power.


Pedal Power® MONDO features:

•  12 isolated outputs sections eliminate ground loops and hum

•  All outputs compatible with 9V battery operated pedals

•  6 outputs high-current capable for modern digital effects

•  Powers Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, Boss Twin, TC Nova, Moog and more

•  2 outputs with Sag simulate low battery

•  Toroidal transformers and linear regulation for lowest possible noise

•  Temperature controlled variable speed fan

•  Includes cables and detachable AC line cord

•  Courtesy AC outlet

•  Engineered and handmade in the USA

•  U.S./North America 5-year warranty